not secret



Woman, 18, Chile
“He took advantage of me being soaking wet and fingered me with his long finger…”

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Transactional sex

Chem Sex Anal Orgy

Woman, 27, UK
“Basically I pressed my bare arse against a hole cut out of a cubicle in the toilets and experienced the bumming of my life…”

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Transactional sex


Male, 46, Sydney
“I had to do it doggy style because I knew if I looked at her gorgeous face I wouldn’t last…”

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Group sex

Birthday Orgy

Man, 59, US
“Then the wife rode my cock while the two girls kissed passionately and played with each other’s tits and asses.”

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Short fling

Atop the Gate

Woman, 31, Europe
“He gave a slight growl and I bent over while holding on to one of the railings while he fucked me hard from behind…”

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Short fling


Man, 29, Pennsylvania
“Her tits were a fairly good size, so I would knead and suck on them a lot and spray my cum on them.”

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