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Group sex

England vs Romania

Male, 30, England
“They both looked hungrily at my cock and slinked over on their hands and knees until they were both on their knees in front of me.”

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Short fling

Office Sex

Female, 48, Australia
“…all I could do was nod and pretend I was concentrating on work when…my mind was focused on the taste of his cum in my mouth.”

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Group sex


Male, 33, North America
“She became very vocal as we progressed. Christie and Kelly took notice of this and…they really seemed to enjoy the show.”

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Short fling

Back For More

Male, 29, England
“She came twice…the second was my cue to get undressed. I stripped off my work uniform whilst she laid on the bed naked and panting.”

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Transactional sex


Man, 33, North America
“She pushed her pussy against my cock, pressing it down some. She made jumping motions running her wet pussy up and down my cock.”

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One-night stand

Minneapolis Match

Male, 37, USA
“I pushed her on her back and pulled her pants off to see the black thong…a finger in her pussy revealed she was very wet and on fire.”

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Group sex

Great Adventure

Male, 43, USA
“…as she sucked him, she reached down…and stroked me. Without a word being spoken, she swung over and took me in her mouth.”

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