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Group sex

Getting Over The Ex

Woman, 34, Europe
“He moved over behind me, pulled down my knickers, and started rubbing my pussy before giving me a few licks – just as I’d been doing to his wife not too long before that!”

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Transactional sex


Man, 33, North America
“We fucked for only a few minutes before she came and squirted again. I could feel her juices dripping down my cock and down onto her.”

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One-night stand


Man, 33, North America
“My dick was standing at attention waiting for her lips to be wrapped around it.”

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Guilty Pleasure

Woman, 19, Singapore
“I remember being in different positions as I teased him, especially the one where I rode him with my disheveled hair illuminated by the soft light, watching the streetlights go up and down with my movements.”

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