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short fling

Short fling

18th Birthday

Female, 20, North America
“Her fingers found me, and she was gently stroking me. She took off my bottoms, and I…straddled her face as she licked me.”

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Short fling

Office Sex

Female, 48, Australia
“…all I could do was nod and pretend I was concentrating on work when…my mind was focused on the taste of his cum in my mouth.”

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Short fling

Back For More

Male, 29, England
“She came twice…the second was my cue to get undressed. I stripped off my work uniform whilst she laid on the bed naked and panting.”

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Short fling

Getting Head

Male, 33, North America
“She whispered in my ear to shoot it in her mouth, and she bit my ear before…taking my cock back in her mouth.”

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