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somewhat religious

Man, 33, Canada
“She gripped my dick and went down on me for a few minutes, taking it in as best she could. I did not cum, however, as it is pretty difficult for me to orgasm without penetration.”

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Woman, 38, US
“Before I knew it, my pussy started clenching rhythmically and I began spurting, first on his hand and fingers and then in huge arcs, the clear fluid spurting out from my pussy past the intermittent movements of his fingers onto the blanket and into the sand.”

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Man, 52, DC
“I was rubbing my cock against his ass, teasing him. He told me his condoms were inside the bedside table. I didn’t reach for the but slid my cock inside him as it was feeling so hot.”

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One-night stand

Tinder Hookup

Man, 23, Malaysia
“We switched to missionary and doggy where I pumped her really hard, making her squirt and cum a few times even leaving a huge wet spot on my bed.”

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Group sex

Cop Slop

Man, 29, US
“We all took a few minutes to suck each other’s cocks before I rimmed the blond’s ass and got him ready.”

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Guilty Pleasure

Woman, 19, Singapore
“I remember being in different positions as I teased him, especially the one where I rode him with my disheveled hair illuminated by the soft light, watching the streetlights go up and down with my movements.”

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