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Afternoon Delight

Female, 40, North America
“I can hear him grabbing a toy to spank me with. He gently rubs it along my wet slit, following the lines of my panties…”

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Short fling

Fun Or Run

Male, 50, Australia
“This was one very dirty but very posh chick who knew what she wanted. We fucked and sucked…for about 3 hours with no break.”

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A Late Night Fuck

Female, 40, North America
“…I feel an aching in my pussy as it swells with wetness at the thoughts of his hands on me…and his cock in my throat.”

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Group sex

First Foursome

Woman, 22, US
“She was so soft and so were her lips; it took me by surprise because I’m used to the roughness of guys. I think it was right about this time that we broke the bed.”

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