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One-night stand

Asian Ebay Lover

Man, 50, London
“Thrusting into her and kissing her at the same time we quickly found a rhythm with her making little gasps every time my cock bottomed out deep inside her until her first orgasm struck.”

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Crazy Katie

Male, 40, London
“She stood up on her tip toes… and whispered in my ear ‘I want you to hurt me daddy,’ then stood back down and she was just staring at me whilst playing with my cock, biting her lip.”

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On My Knees, Where I Belong

Man, 25, UK
“After a few blissful minutes, he came into my mouth and I felt that yummy sperm slosh around my mouth, I happily swallowed it all and cleaned the rest from his cock with his tongue, and swallowed that as well, he loved it.”

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