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Transactional sex

Naïve Sugar Baby

Female, 18, Spain
“He greeted me at the door and we went inside together; he looked even better than in his profile, he was very elegant, and he smelled really good.”

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Toilet Plunger

Woman, 45, Spain
“He lifted me up in the air, sat me on the toilet tank, put my ankles on his shoulders and his head on my pussy, and pushed inside. “

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by Lise Gender: Female Age: 25 Race/ethnicity: White Current location: SoCal Highest education received: High school diploma Occupation: Actress Relationship status:…

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First of many

Short Term Fling

by Ellie Gender: Female Age: 21 Race/ethnicity: White Current location: Rochester area Highest education received: Some college (currently in college) Occupation:…

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