I used to be fat and awkward with women. I immigrated to the states from Hong Kong when I was ten years old. My insecurities about my body, being shy, and the stereotypes about Asian men
(not well-endowed, nerdy, unsexy) plagued me all the way through my late 20s. That’s when I decided to get fit. I was obsessed with how the body works, and fascinated with techniques we can use to improve ourselves. I experimented with different Hacks, and learned from people who got the results I wanted. I lost fat and gained muscle. I became a physique competitor and one of the top fitness professionals in the Industry.


Still, I felt inadequate — and dissatisfied with my love life. I began studying sex to overcome my insecurities. I wanted to master sex and relationships, applying the same principles of focus, study, and practice that made me successful in the fitness world. I’ve always been a hacker. I just went from being a fitness hacker to a sex hacker. There is a ton of information out there but it was really difficult to find the hands-on guidance that I needed. I realized that most of our sexual education as a society comes from locker room bragging and hardcore porn. Like my mentor Reid Mihaiko said, “Learning about sex from porn is like learning how to drive by watching “The Fast and the Furious.” Sex shouldn’t be something we have to learn about in secret, without suitable instruction.Being an outstanding lover is a skill, not a talent. It can be taught, and it can be learned.

I earned my reputation as an expert in the most demanding arena – the private sex party community. My fitness coaching experience combined with my hacker mindset made me a unique sex educator. The same way I help my fitness clients feel more comfortable at the gym and master complex exercises is the same way I help my current clients towards gaining confidence in the bedroom and mastering g-spot pleasure techniques.

I believe that sexual pleasure is our birthright. I’m devoting my life to empowering people through sexual education and promoting sex positive culture. In 2014 I co-founded a sex-positive intentional community “Hacienda Villa” in Bushwick, Brooklyn. My focus now is on cultivating and celebrating pleasure and it’s way more fun teaching the art of pleasure than telling them to eat less carbs.